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Flowers Don’t Know The Rules

source: Flickr by aftab
Source: Flickr by aftab

Hey babies,

I just had a thought about something. I wanted to share it with you today. You may not understand it now but I want you to remember it. It might make more sense when you get older. It’s about rules. I know you guys don’t like rules for the most part. But rules are very important to us all. For instance, it’s a rule that you should look both ways before you cross the street. That’s a very good rule and one you should always follow.

Here is what you should know about rules.

  • You should always know what the rules are
  • Some rules must be followed
  • Some rules can be bent
  • Some rules can and must be broken
  • Some rules are not rules at all, we only think they are

I know, I know. Today this doesn’t make much sense. I’m still trying to understand it. But one day it will to you (and hopefully to me too).

Take for instance that some rules can be broken. Did you know that? Rules are broken all the time. Many times when rules are broken, that’s a bad thing. But sometimes it can be a good thing. One rule I was always taught was that if you want a flower to grow, you had to plant it in soil, and give it plenty of sunshine and water. But sometimes the flowers don’t know the rules. Sometimes a flower will grow out of concrete, in the city, with no water and no sunshine and a lot of pollution right next to a fence. And that flower will be as beautiful, maybe more beautiful, than a flower the grew in a garden.

Now imagine if that flower followed the rules.

Be good babies. That’s a rule that can’t be broken.


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1 Wenylla { 03.18.09 at 6:38 pm }

That was beautiful.

2 larrverne { 03.19.09 at 11:27 am }

I like this, it was very profound

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