The “White” Wiz

I realized C-Thunda was not necessarily learning about race and all its social implications from me. She was learning them from the world at large. And it’s no telling what she’ll learn out there. If at all possible I’d like to spare The Babies from hearing psuedo compliments like, “You’re handsome for an Asian guy” or requests like “Can I touch your hair?” or even so-called self-empowering statements like “I’m a strong black woman”. I look forward to the day when The Babies will just be able to simply say, “I’m strong”. Or not have to say it at all, just know it. On the other hand, I don’t want them so desensitized to race that they succumb to the liberal idiocy of “I don’t see color.” While it is my hope we will continue to see the ever declining significance of race, I am not optimistic that it will be totally insignificant.

I agree with MetroDad in that we have to stand up to racist thoughts and actions. But we also have to check that our own children have a balanced view of race. They should know that race is important and not important at the same. It both exists (as a social construct) and doesn’t exist (as a scientific fact). It should be talked about openly when needed but should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. […] Continue reading

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