The Rewards of Fatherhood, Fitness and Frugality

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Me Against Me

I’m getting older. Can’t say it’s all fun and games. Shoot, let’s be real. No part of it is fun. Well, at least not the physical part. Knowing more and more stuff that I didn’t know before is kind of cool. I’ll take that. But the physical changes? Ugh!


I’ll say this though. I won’t age gracefully. I’m going to fight Father Time in a dark alley with a small bat and brass knuckles. He won’t get the best of me. I’ll Rogaine him, fish oil him, floss my teeth every night him. He won’t stand a chance. I’ll even make really random goals like being the strongest old person in America. Whatever, I’m not going out without fight.

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October 13, 2012   4 Comments 

Spiritual Business Vibes

I thought this pictograph was cool, and timely. I’m applying these words to my life and my business.

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August 6, 2012   No Comments 

Training Philosophy In A Tweet


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June 29, 2012   No Comments 

Yes, Strong Girls Are Beautiful

I filmed this little video a while back. My daughters and I were on a movie date. My oldest was a little upset with me because we were late. You see, the 2011 CrossFit Games were re-running on ESPN and I made her watch. She was a little less than enthused I was delaying our departure just so we could watch people exercise. Ha! I wasn’t surprised by her reaction but I did want to make sure she saw what some of the women of the Games were capable of doing.

We finally made it to the movies. As expected, due to our tardiness, the line was a bit long. So again, my daughter expressed her displeasure with me. She also expressed the fact that she didn’t understand why I thought the ladies were so great. She said, “They have too many muscles anyway.”

Wait? What??? I told her she had to be kidding. I said, those women are beautiful. And, I told her, they have just the right amount of muscles. I also asked wouldn’t she rather be strong than not? I was actually surprised when she said she wasn’t sure. With that, I’m asking the women of CrossFit and the fitness world to help me convince my daughters that it is ok to be strong. My oldest is in middle school and at a vulnerable age where boys notice her and she cares about how she smells. Ha! But I don’t want that to turn into devaluing or limiting all the things she can be in life to fit a mold that may not be meant for her. Isn’t that the worst thing a young girl can allow herself to do? Diminish her own possibilities?

So again, I’m asking the fit ladies out there to leave a comment for my daughters. Let them know why strong is also beautiful.

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May 24, 2012   No Comments 

About To Go Larry Crowne Up In Here

This month, HBO is running “Larry Crowne“. A Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts movie. (That’s a lot of coin on the screen at the same time.) In the movie, Tom belonged a gang of motor bike enthusiasts. But not any motor bike. A very special one. And I have to say, ever since seeing this movie I cannot get this little beauty off my mind:

Why can’t I stop thinking about it? That’s easy. This is it what inpires those thoughts:


What’s funny is I had the same epiphany Tom had in the movie. Thus his getting rid of his gigantic SUV gas guzzler and getting this beauty. I may have to get this thing this summer. I’m sure it’s much more efficient on gas. It may not be sexy, but neither is spending half a Benjamin on filling your tank.

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May 22, 2012   No Comments 

Looking For Some Penny Wisdom

The other day while trying to catch up on the scores at that weekend’s regional events of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, I noticed one of my favorite CrossFitter/blogger’s tweets, which read:

I have to say, while his post I’m sure was meant to make a statement about the potential response of the T-Mobile customer service team, that’s not what stood out to me about his tweet. My thought was, “Wow, this dude knows to the dollar, and probably the penny, what he spent on this T-Mobile bill over a five year period!” And while I was duly impressed, I was also somewhat ashamed that I do not know the exact to the penny amount I’ve spent on my own phone bill over the last half decade. Shouldn’t I?

Yes, I should. Especially if I’m going to be speaking to others about knowing what they are spending their money on to get a better handle on their savings and finances. Although I’m not excusing myself, it’s not that I don’t know to some useful degree, where my money goes. I have over the years taken the tact it is better not to be penny wise and pound foolish. Thus in most of my personal financial management I have concentrated my efforts on managing my investments and earning income.

But something about Web’s post still made me feel like I was failing in some way. “I should know my number,” I thought. I often tell (and sometimes chastise) my daughters for not appreciating how hard it is to earn and work for money, when at dinner time they scrape the last bit of veggies in the garbage. My head immediately starts to think, that’s a waste of money. But I’m doing the same thing to myself. How much money do I scrape into the garbage? Whether it’s a few pennies or a few thousand dollars, it all spends. And what Web reminded me was that those little expenses add up over time.

I am not sure if Benjamin Franklin was the first to say this but one of his great axioms was,

From little strokes fell great oaks.

Years ago, when I was trying my best to take care of the little things, I knew where every penny went. It wasn’t even that hard to track. I simply used a nice personal finance software package, spent a few minutes a week with it, and voila. But over time, as life gets more complex and incredibly busy, we forget the little things matter. And those little things have a compounding effect over time. I had forgotten that. No more. While it is likely more important to be pound wise and penny foolish, why be foolish at all? I think it’s so much better to be wise in both. So that’s my plan from now on. Now to get the receipts out.

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May 19, 2012   No Comments