Saturday 121117

1) snatch: 20 minutes to max for day
2) clean and jerk: 20 minutes to max for day

Movement Integrity/Midline/Skill
NOT for time:
3 rounds
10 D-ball 2-hand shot put tosses, light, 5 each side (video)
10 hip touches, 5 each side
3 rounds
5/3 L-sit to strict muscle-up transition
10 “Hug-A-Twinkie”

Note: Hip touches are like shoulder touches, except you bring your hand to your side while inverted. Right hand to right side, left hand to left side. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, substitute shoulder touches. Do not perform the dip portion of the muscle-up. Simply transition over the rings. If you do not have or are working on strict muscle-ups, use a band or partner for assistance.

Coaching cue: If you can not perform strict muscle-ups, you may swing the legs upward into an L-sit position, while keeping the hips closed. Your torso should remain relatively upright. Time the 1) swing of your legs with the 2) pull of the arms and the 3) shooting of the head and shoulders through the rings. These three things should be happening simultaneously.

run: 10 minutes @ 70-75% of RPE

Note: Make every attempt to run on a 400 meter track and note distance and pace.

Thursday 121115

***Sorry for the late post. The gremlins in the computer box went haywire.***

1) 5 x 3 tall muscle clean, light, rest 60-90 seconds
2) 7 x 1 3-stop clean (knee, mid-hang, high-hang) + 1 high-hang clean, heavy but not maximal, rest 2 minutes

3) 4 x 4 snatch grip behind the neck push press, as heavy as possible, rest 2 minutes

Choose 1:
bike (AD): 2 x 3 minutes, 5 minute rest, hold to 3-5 seconds
row: 2 x 750 meters, 5 minute rest, hold to 3-5 seconds

Tuesday 121106

This week marks the beginning of a 12 week modified Hatch (named for Gayle Hatch) squat cycle. You should have established a 1RM for each of the barbells squats, the low-bar, the high-bar and the front. ALL percentages in the prescribed workouts are based off the your “TRAINING MAX”, which is 90-95% of your 1RM. The Hatch program is challenging. You will be squatting twice per week in two barbell lifts. So it best to base your numbers on conservative 1RM figures. As we go through this cycle, adjustments can be made.

snatch: 15 minutes to max for day
clean and jerk: 15 minutes to max for day

calorie row
box jumps @ 30/24″, Games standard

Note: Box jumps are Games standard. You must show control and full hip extension on the top of box, but you may rebound at the bottom.

Tuesday 121023

clean: 15 minutes to max for day

back squat (LB): 5 x 3 @ 75%, rest 2 minutes

15 minute AMRAP
3 power cleans @ 65% of max BUT NOT LESS THAN 155/105#
10 snatch-style kettlebell swings @ 32/24 kg
20 hand release push-ups

1 x 100 good mornings with band (video)

Wednesday 121003

1) clean and jerk: 20 minutes to max for day
2) 4 x 1 high hang clean @ 85-88% (of C&J max for day), rest 60-90 seconds

3) 4 x 3 push press @ 10X2, heavier than last week, rest 60 seconds
4) 10 box squat box jump, rest 30 seconds (video)

Note: Begin in a seated position and with very little rocking jump to another box, as high as possible.

5a) 3 x 8-10 “Hug-A-Twinkie”, rest as needed
5b) 3 x ME L-sit, rest as needed