Ideas for Sunday 120520

Bob Kalsu. Buffalo Bill. Vietnam vet.


1) Take 10 minutes to work up to a heavy single front squat. No more than 5 total attempts. This is NOT a 1RM.

Rest 5 minutes

Olympic & Skill Circuit

1) 4 x 1 where 1 rep = 1 power clean (hang on to bar) + 1 front squat (drop bar to hang) + 1 hang squat clean (drop bar to floor) + 1 FULL squat clean (drop bar to floor) @ 70% of 1RM clean, rest 60 seconds.

2) 3 x 1 round where 1 round = 5 strict toes to bar + 5 full squat to box jump, full extension, step down @ 30/24″ + 5 kipping hspu, rest 60 sec

Note: You will begin and end with the clean drill. Also, Part 2 should be performed SLOWLY, as a walk through. This is NOT for time. Execute each movement with deliberate form.

Rest AT LEAST 5 minutes.

“Kalsu Interuppted”

4 x 3 minute work/1 minute rest of:

Complete 5 burpees to 6″ target at the top of each minute. Then for the remainder of the minute perform max rep thrusters at 135/90#. Continue for 3 minutes. Rest 1 minute. Repeat for 4 total rounds of work. Do NOT exceed 80 total thrusters.

Complete as fast as possible. Do not pace. If 80 thursters are reached before the alloted time, stop. If scaling, choose a weight between 50-60% of 1RM thruster but not greater than 135/90#. Make every attempt to rest less than 10 seconds between reps. Avoid dropping the bar. Make every attempt to rest in the rack.

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