Tuesday 120529 – I Am A Bum

I keep not writing down my food intake. When I say I’ll get to it, I never do. I am just going to keep working it until it becomes habit.

Food (Weekend)

I did break and have some rice in a Chipotle Burrito Bol and a couple of bagels. Had some chips at cookout as well. But most of the meals were pretty good. High fat, high protein, lots of veggies.


7am: 1/2 bagel w/ butter, coffee & heavy cream
10am: burger, mixed veggies, water
12:30pm (at diner with girls): western omelette, bacon, spinach, water

3:30pm: 1/2 scoop primal pro, almond butter, mixed fruit

Oly Work

7×1 clean and jerk, rest 60-80 seconds between each


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