Thursday 120531

Bench press (2×5, 1×5+)

10 to 1 of
hang power cleans @ 155#

Strength: Dogged it on the bench. Two day of pressing in a row. So I thought I’d put more effort into the hspu and work on learning a kip. Did the reps at 245#
Conditioning: Hang power cleans unbroken. Can’t kip. Must learn. Tried.

1. Eggs (cooked in coconut oil), coffee, orange
2. Coffee w heavy cream, whey, mixed fruit (canteloupe)
3. chicken, collard greens w/ olive oil, almond butter, potatos, water
4. Pork chops, avocado, kale, water
5. Pork chops, avocado, kale, water

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