Tuesday 120612



1) 7X2 Hang Clean (mid-thigh, power or squat) + 2 Split Jerks – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec.

Notes: Complete both Cleans, then both Split Jerks back to back after the second Clean. The weight cleaned should not be more than you can Jerk twice, but if it is you may perform only 1 Jerk.


2) Back Squat: 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X3 @ 95%, 1X3 @ 95% – rest 2:00-3:00 between sets (percentages based off 3RM)

3) 5X3 Pause Front Squats – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: Hold absolute bottom of each FS for 3 seconds, then bounce off the calves and stand.


If you squatted yesterday then,

3a) 4 x 8 GHD situp, rest 60 sec
3a) 4 x 8 GHD raise, rest 60 sec

Rest 15 minutes


800m + 21 shoulder to overhead anyhow @ 135#/90#, rest 4 min
400m + 15 s2oha @ 135#/90#, rest 3 min
200m + 9 s2oha @ 135#/90#

Notes: Sprint each round as fast as possible. Do not pace. Degradation in speed is acceptable but not form. If form is compromised to any great extent, stop. S2OH (Anyhow) sets should be unbroken. Rest in the rack. If the bar is dropped more than once in the round, stop and rest for next round. If scaling, choose a weight between 45%-55% of 1RM split jerk, but not greater than 135/90#.

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