Friday 120622

I’m going to have to better delineate the workouts programmed for “sharing” and the workouts I’ve done on my own. I didn’t get a chance to do yesterday’s workout but did our gym’s workout today, with some slight changes.

Workout meant as consistent and threaded programming will be tagged, “Programming”. The workouts I’ve actually done will be tagged “Wod Log”. Hopefully, there will be no difference in the two. They will be one in the same. But on days like yesterday and today, they may be the ocassion where I have to make up a workout.

Take 20 minutes to find 1RM overhead strict press.

15 minute AMRAP
25 power cleans @ 205/135# + ME burpees to target @ 6″

Strength: Went up to 195#. Easy.
Conditioning: Rx + 78 burpees. Did the cleans in sets of 5. Typically, first three unbroken of set. Did burpees in sets of 10. Took my time. Felt good.

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