Saturday 120623

Montclair & Morristown
1) 5 x 2 Clean grip deadlift + 1 full clean + 3 Front squat @ 13X1, heavy as possible, rest 2 to 3 minutes

Notes: Perform front squats as follows,
1 second down.
3 second pause at absolute bottom, then bounce off the calves and stand.
Accelerate up as fast as possible.
1 second pause at top.

Rest at least 10 minutes

Montclair & Morristown
2a) 4 x 5 kipping ring rows to pockets, (DEMO VIDEO) then immediately to,
2b) 4 x 5 kipping ring dip, (DEMO VIDEO), rest 2 minutes

Rest at least 10 minutes

Montclair & Morristown
5 x 1 min on/ 4 min rest AMRAP of:
Squat clean thrusters @ BWT/BWT x 67%

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