Wednesday 120627

4 x 3 weighted GHD raise, rest 60 seconds
4 x 3 GHD sit up, rest 60 seconds

Note: Complete midline work before class.

5 x Starr Clean Drill @ 70% of 1RM power clean, rest 2 to 3 minutes.

Note: The Starr Clean Drill = 1 power clean (pause) + 1 front squat, then drop the bar to floor + 1 hang clean (from low position, full squat), then drop the bar to floor, + 1 full squat clean.


“’08 Games Grace”
For time:
30 squat clean thursters @ 155/105#

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One Response to Wednesday 120627

  1. BT says:

    Clean drill: topped out at 205#

    Grace: scaled to 135#. Did not go above 80% RPE. Felt good and steady. 4:34.
    Still a little sore from the last two days.

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