Tuesday 120703

Complete before the start of class as part of warmup:
1a) 3 x ME bar L-sit, rest 60 sec (video)
1b) 3 x 10 GHD hip extension, rest 60 sec (video)

1a) 5 x 2 front squat, 75 – 85%, increase each set, rest 60 sec,
1b) 5 x 5 weighted pullup, heavy as possible, rest 60 sec (wmv, mov)

Note: Front squat weight is based on 1RM. For weight pullup, use vest or dip belt.

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:
5 G2OH @ 115/75#
10 box jumps @ 24/20”
Rest until the 10th minute, then
800 meter run

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One Response to Tuesday 120703

  1. Ben says:

    Probably too light on the squats: 235 – 255#, up by 5 pounds per round.

    Weighted pullup: 12kg. Light weight.

    Conditioning: scaled to 95#. Achilles acted up immediately. Weight was moderate. Failed 2 rounds 7 reps on box jumps. Next time warm up with hops and ankle extensions. Rx, next time. 3:43 on 800m. Achilles again.

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