Thursday 120705


Complete before the start of class as part of warmup:
1a) 3 x 5 db saw row, medium, then immediately to, (video)
1b) 3 x 5 pistol w db, rest 60 sec (video).

Note: I couldn’t find a quality video with a weighted pistol so I’ll make one and get to you guys later this week.

5 x 1 Starr Snatch Drill @ 80% of 1RM power snatch, rest 1 to 2 min

Note: The Starr Snatch Drill = 1 power snatch (pause) + 1 OHS, then drop the bar to floor + 1 hang snatch (from low position, full squat), then drop the bar to floor, + 1 full snatch (with squat).

5 x 2 push press, as heavy as possible, rest 45 sec (video)

For 18 minutes:
ME burpees to target, 30 sec
Rest 30 sec,
ME T2B, 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
ME double unders
Rest 30 sec

Note: Make a best effort to pick a target at least 6” above standing reach for burpees.

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