Sunday 120708

The Guerrilla crew made a monkey out of “King Kong” yesterday. Here are some of the highlights.

I’m pretty certain we’ll see a sub 3 min in the not too distant future.

1) 7 x 1 snatch of low blocks (just below knee), as heavy as possible, rest as needed (video)
2) 7 x 1 clean of low blocks (just below knee), as heavy as possible, rest as needed (video)

Note: Take no more than 40 – 45 minutes to complete. You can use stacked bumpers as blocks, however, do NOT drop your loaded bar back onto bumpers. Drop your bar to the floor, in front or behind of your “stacked bumper box”.

3 x 3 TGU @ 32/24kg, rest 60 sec (video)

Conditioning A
Row 300 meters
20 Push press @ 135/95#
Row 300 meters
15 push press
Row 300 meters
10 push press
Row 300
5 push press
(video, video)

Conditioning B
6 x 100 yd sprints with 10 yd “fly-in”, rest as needed

Note: You are encouraged to complete both Conditioning A and B, however, should time not allow, choose one.

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One Response to Sunday 120708

  1. Ben says:

    King Kong took a toll yesterday so like most everyone else did a little less work today. Just did the snatches. Had a lot of trouble on them. Technique in the toilet.

    No skill/midline.

    Did the Conditioning A: 9:05. Not as fast as the last time according to my log book. Next time need to take the presses slower and steadier and rest in the rack. Dropped the bar 2x.

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