Saturday 100721


1) 7 × 1 Snatch from blocks, just below knee, as heavy as possible, rest as needed, (video)
2) 7 × 1 Clean from blocks, just below knee, as heavy as possible, rest as needed, (video: first few lifters)

Note: Take no more than 40 minutes to complete. You can use stacked bumpers as blocks, however, do NOT drop your loaded bar back onto bumpers. Drop your bar to the floor, in front of or behind your “stacked bumper blocks”.

3a) 5 x 15′ sled pull throughs, as heavy as possible, rest 60 sec, (video)
3b) 5 x 3 weighted tempo dips, hold in top and bottom positions 5 sec each, as heavy as possible, rest 2-3 min

Note: Attach a 15′ rope to the sled, assume a sumo-style stance, with heels planted firmly and hips about where they would be in your deadlift setup. Reach back between legs with rope taught, pull forcefully. Unlike the model in the video, you will not step forward. Simply, begin the next pull and continue until the sled is under you.

Conditioning A
10 to 1 of
Deadlift @ 1.5 x BWT
Bench press @ BWT
Clean (full) @ .75 x BWT
(video, video)

Note: Women’s weights are .67 of each lift above.

Conditioning B
6 x 170 meter hills sprints, rest as needed, (Flood’s Hill, South Orange, NJ)

Note: Conditioning A: Perform at least 3 of these workouts for the week. Conditioning B: Perform at least 2, but not all 3, of these workouts for the week. If you are performing conditioning A&B workouts in 1 day, perform A first with at least a 2 hour rest before B.

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