Thursday 120726

There’s been some question about the jumping point of the clean (and the snatch). There’s also been some question about if the bar should hit the hips or not. Here’s what I would say, “Whatever works man.” But I do believe there is some confusion out there. There are different folks in different camps. Some in the hit the hips camp, some not. I personally believe if you’ve been lucky enough to have taken a physics class or two, as I have, you would lean toward the hip-hitting camp. I will get into why that might be in a later post.

In the meantime, watch this slow motion video of Chad Vaughn and judge for yourself his jumping point and whether the bar hits his hips.

5 x 1, 3-position clean, as heavy as possible, 2-3 min rest (video)

Conditioning A
EMOM for 30 min, alternating between,
1a) 3 T&G (touch and go) power cleans @ 80% of 3-position clean,
1b) 10 pull-ups,
1c) 15 push-ups Games-standard

2a) 4 x 10 “Hug-A-Twinkie”, rest 60 sec
2b) 4 x 10 GHD sit-up, rest 2 min

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7 Responses to Thursday 120726

  1. Olympic: 225, 245, 255, 265. missed one of the cleans so stopped at 4 sets. completed rep after. accelerating early in the 2 pull.

    Condidtioning: used 212#. stringing unbroken clean together was difficult do to wrist.

    Midline/skill: Fine.

  2. Ryan Southern says:

    Worked up to 185 on Olympic but stopped there due to time/fatigue from moving furniture

    Conditioning: Used 175 on the workout t&g got tough rounds 7-10

  3. Dana (Hot Shit) says:

    Thanks for posting this video…. Last night (Thursday), I was able to FINALLY grasp the concept of a CLEAN (vs. Power Clean)… And PR’d!! 130#… 5 pounds away from my goal clean…. WOO HOO!! Thanks Ben!!

    Maybe it was because I was WOD’ing next to my WOD’ing buddy/partner… RYAN!!! :) :)

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