Saturday 120728

Watch the knees. Watch the hips. What do you notice?

1RM snatch (video)
1RM clean (video)

Conditioning A
For total time & set time:
21 UB deadlifts @ 255#/170#
run 800 meters
rest 4:00
15 UB deadlifts @ 255/170
run 400 meters
rest 3:00
9 UB deadlifts @ 255/170
run 200 meters

3 x 3 TGU @ 32/24 kg, rest 60 sec

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3 Responses to Saturday 120728

  1. Dana (Hot Shit) says:

    Body is pretty rocked from the week’s WODs… so came in and did some mobilizing/stretching… Then did a 2 x 1-mile runs… Not bad…

  2. Ben says:

    snatch: 215#, got under 225#. definite technique issue.
    clean: 300#. mental barrier broken. hope 3 bills will become routine.

    skipped conditioning. going for a run later.
    turkish get ups at home with 45#

  3. Ryan Southern says:

    Pretty beat up from the week. Didn’t feel good at all in terms of explosion.

    Snatch: 145 still need technique work
    Skipped clean

    Conditioning: 6:28 of work but scaled to 225 (too light probably)

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