Tuesday 120731

1) 5 x 3 back squat (LB) @ 85 of 3RM LBBS, rest 2-3 minutes
2) 5 x 3 push press, heavier than last week, 60 sec

Strength/Conditioning A
EMOM for 8 minutes, alternating between
6-8 Pendlay rows, as heavy as possible with strict form, for 30 sec (video)
ME burpees onto 25# plate, Games standard for 30 sec

Note: For Pendlay rows, choose a weight that allows at least 6 but no more than 8 strict reps, within the 30 second time frame. You may use straps.

Conditioning B
6 x 100 m/y shuttle run (50 y/m out and back), every 2 minutes

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One Response to Tuesday 120731

  1. Squat: used 325 for each set.
    Push press: 200 @
    Conditioning A: Used 185#. 6 reps first 3 rounds. 8 last. Picked weight randomly but good choice. Not sure how many burpees I got but went at a decent clip, unbroken and was winded.

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