Wednesday 120801

This girl is simply stronger than you! And she’s less than 117lb. Yes, you should feel bad about yourself.


5 x 1, 3-position snatch, as heavy as possible, rest 2-3 minutes (video)
5 x 3 snatch pull @ 90% of 1RM snatch, rest 60 seconds (video)

Conditioning A
3 rounds for total time and times:
run 800 meters
ME hspu for 1 minute
rest 2 minutes

1a) 4 x 5 kipping ring rows to pockets (video)
1b) 4 x 5 kipping ring dips (video)

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3 Responses to Wednesday 120801

  1. Dana (Hot Shit) says:

    HECK YEAH!!! That’s my girl Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Khazakistan (damn you Borat!!! LOL). She’s a BEAST!!!!

  2. Busy day today. Did 3 – position in my back yard with 145#.
    No conditioning. Gonna row tomorrow.

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