Thursday 120802

Are you planning to make it to your Regional in 2013?

5 x 1, 3 position clean, as heavy as possible, rest 2-3 minutes (video)
5 x 3 clean pull @ 90% of 1RM clean, rest 60 seconds (video)

Conditioning A
1000 meter row
24 alternating pistols (12 each leg)
15 hang cleans @ 70-75% of 1RM

Note: Compare to 2012 CrossFit Games Regional Event #2

Conditioning B
run 4 x 400 meters at 5k pace, rest 3 minutes

NOT for time:
5 rounds
30 double unders
2 stone to shoulder, as heavy as possible (video)

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2 Responses to Thursday 120802

  1. Dana (Hot Sh*t) says:

    Ben, just wanted to say that I’m very appreciative of these postings and WODs…
    While I still have some ways to go… I am seeing a difference…

    Did the 5 x 1, 3 position clean @ 130#.. and that felt good… Can definitely go heavier next time… That mid-hang is killer but i love the challenge…

    5 x 3 clean pull @ 90% of 1RM clean @ 120#

    Conditioning A Time: 12:49 min, HPCs @ 100# / And I’m happy to say… that I got my 24 pistols!!!! *BIG smile* Some looked PERFECT! Some looked CRAY! But it’s progress…

    so… thank you.

  2. BT says:

    3-position: 225# all sets
    clean pull: 275# all sets
    conditioning: 7:15. Used 210# for cleans. 4:15 for row. took a few minutes to begin the pistols. Left leg definitely lagging the right. Cleans in sets of 5 but dropped then got right to the bar.

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