Sunday 120805

1) EMOM for 7 minutes, 2 jerk balances, light/moderate (work technique) (video)
2) 5 x 1 jerk @ 85% of last week, rest 2-3 minutes (video)

3a) back squat (HB): 5 x 2 @ 90% of 1RM HBBS, rest 30 seconds
3b) 5 x 10 unweighted bulgarian split squats (5 each leg), rest 2 minutes (video)

Conditioning A
7 minute AMRAP
2 muscle-ups
2 deadlifts 335/225#

Conditioning B
At a moderate pace, about 70-75% of RPE, run, row or bike (AD) for 12 minutes.

An explanation of “Austin”:

Games competitor Phillip Kniep performing “Austin”:

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One Response to Sunday 120805

  1. Ayo J. says:

    Wanted to work on multiple Jerks… Did a 3×3 of the following…
    3×3: Power Jerk @ 185#
    3×3: Split Jerk @ 185#
    3×3: Balance Jerk @ 185#
    Note: Completed in this fashion. Round 1- 3power, 3split & 3balance. Ended up with mire volume than precsribed but I’ve missed tons of opportunities to work on my jerk and felt the need to.comoensate. Despite this, I made sure I was zoning in on.technique.

    HB Back Squat: 5×2 @ 345#
    B Split Squat: 5×10
    Note: Did 10 each leg. Just realized 5 was prescribed. I swear I’m not being rebellious Haha.

    Still not super comfortable doing DLs yet so I skipped the MetCon and worked on Rope Climbs + HSPUs + GHD Sit Ups.

    Recovery Row Afterwards.

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