Thursday 120816

Watch Donny:

1) 10 x 1 hang (mid-thigh) clean + 1 power/push jerk, 2 waves > 80%, rest 2 minutes
2) 5 x 1 snatch balance @ 90%+ of 1RM snatch, rest 2 mintues

Note: For the clean and jerks, you are going to begin at a weight that is greater than 80% of 1RM clean and jerk and over 5 sets, you will increase the weight. That is the first wave. On the sixth set, you will go back down in weight and again increase your weights over the second wave of 5 sets. Your second group of 5 sets should be heavier in aggregate than your first.

Conditioning A
3 rounds
row 500 meters
rest 1 minute
run 400 meters
rest 2 minutes

Compare to Monday 120813.

Conditioning B
bike (AD): 15 x 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest, 90%+ effort

NOT for time:
3 rounds
ME L-sit on rings for 30 seconds
ME ring dips for 30 seconds
rest as needed

Note: Accumulate as much time as possible on the L-sit during the 30 seconds.

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