Wednesday 120822

back squat (LB): 3 x 5 @ 77%, 2 x 3 @ 82% of 1RM, immediately to
5 x 5 weighted pull-up, as heavy as possible, rest AT LEAST 3 minutes

Conditioning A
partner wod:
5 rounds:
100 double unders
pinch-grip plate hold @ 35/25#
20 ab rolls
pinch-grip plate hold @ 35/25#

Note: The sequence will be performed as follows. Partner #1 performs double unders, partner #2 will pinch-grip hold two plates, 35/25#. Once partner #1 has finished 100 double unders, he/she will then hold the plates, while partner #2 performs double unders. After partner#2 finishes 100 double unders, they will move on to ab rolls following the same sequence. The plates should be passed from partner to partner without touching the ground. Any reps performed while plates are dropped or on the ground are “no reps”. If, you do not have a partner, hold the plates for 1 minute after double unders and 1 minute after ab rolls (2 minutes per round).

3 x 3 TGU @ 32/24 kg, rest 1 minute

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