Wednesday 120829

4 x 1 Starr Snatch Drill @ < 70% of 1RM snatch, rest as needed

Note: The Starr Snatch Drill = 1 power snatch (pause at top) + 1 OHS, then drop the bar to floor + 1 hang snatch (from low position, just above knees, full squat), then drop the bar to floor, + 1 full squat snatch.

3 x 1000 meter row @ 70-75% of RPE, rest 3 minutes, hold @ 3-5 seconds

10 minutes to practice skill of choice.

Treat this as a rest, recovery and skill acquisition week. Do NOT be tempted to do more than the prescribed work. With the exception of a max effort lift on Saturday and the metabolic conditioning on Sunday, all work should be performed at a low to moderate effort.

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