Wednesday 120905

1) back squat (LB): 1 x 20 @ 50% of 1RM, 1 x 15 @ 60%, 1 x 10 @ 70%, 1 x 5 @ 80%, rest exactly 2 minutes

2a) 3 x 10 barbell calf raise, use weight of lightest back squat, rest 30 seconds
2b) 3 x 5 good mornings, use same weight/bar, rest 30 seconds
2c) 3 x 5 Pendlay rows, use same weight/bar, rest 30 seconds
2d) 3 x 10 rolls with ab wheel (from knees), rest 3 minutes

For 10-12 minutes, practice:
1) partner assisted “free-standing” shoulder touches.
2) kipping ring dips (perform no more 30)

Note: The partner assisted shoulder touches are similar to normal shoulder touches against a wall except you will be away from a wall. A partner will help you into a handstand and gently hold/guide your legs/feet while you perform shoulder touches. The objective is to eventually perform these free standing without assistance.

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