Sunday 121007

back squat (HB): 20 minutes, heavy single, but not maximal

NOT for time
5 rounds
3 deficit deadlift @ 75-85%
5 overhead D-ball throws for “distance” @ 40/20#

Note: Note: For the deadlifts use 35# plates to create the proper deficit. From a standing position, feet parallel, 12-15′ from a wall and throw (overhead) a D-ball at the wall with as much force as possible. You may take one step toward wall in your throwing motion.

1/2 “Holleyman” (15 min cap)

15 rounds
5 wall balls @ 20/14# to 10′ target
3/2 handstand push-ups
1 power clean 225/150#

Note: If scaling the power cleans, use 70-75% of 1RM clean from Saturday. Compare to 120830.

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