Saturday 121027

Amid Glares, Female Weight Lifters Compete


Watch this video…

back squat (LB): 30 minutes to a 1RM

Note: Take no more than 3 legitimate attempts at a 1RM. Use the first 15 minutes of the 30 minutes to work up to your initial 1RM attempt.

rest AT LEAST 10 minutes, then,

NOT for time:
7 rounds, ascending ladder of:
bench press @ BWT
deadlift @ 1.5 x BWT

Note: Rounds progress as follows: 1 bench press, 1 deadlift, 2 bench press, 2 deadlifts, 3 bench press, and so on until you reach 7 reps for each lift.

row ME meters @ 3 minute

rest 2 minutes

double unders
Abmat situps, feet anchored

rest 2 minutes

row 500 meters

Note: Compare to Thursday 110217.

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