Thursday 121101

This past weekend I had the privilege of watching Jason Khalipa, Pat Barber, Joe DeGain and Matt Lodin demolish the workout below at a recent L1 cert in NJ. And while I was impressed with the times they each put in and the level of aerobic capacity each one displayed, I was most impressed by how they moved. Later on that evening we sat down at dinner. I was in the enviable position of sitting between Khalipa as he texted with Rich Froning about an upcoming event and Barber while he downed a pan-baked chocolate chip cookie. While each of us tried to talk about life outside of CrossFit, it was futile. As we all know, CrossFitters talk about nothing beside CrossFit.


Eventually, the conversation moved to respectability and we discussed the finer points of crushing wods. I posed a few questions to these Games and Regionals vets, we talked through a few fitness philosophies, made light of some CrossFit mishaps and finally got to what each thought the difference maker was in CrossFit athletic performance. Consensus was, movement. It’s not how strong you are or how long you can go, per se. Those things even out among top level athletes. It is however, how well you move. Think of that when you are tempted to neglect your ROM or your precision in your air squat, or you fail to come to full extension on a box jump. You may get a faster time today, but in the long run you will not be faster. Don’t settle for shit mechanics.

Shout out to The Outlaw Way for providing us the opportunity with “Tommy Mac” to demonstrate our movement.

Jason Khalipa: 14:07, Joe DeGain and Matt Lodin: 18:25, Pat Barber: 18:42.

“Tommy Mac”

For time (30 minute cap):
2 rounds
12 burpees
12 thruster 115/75#
12 burpees
12 power snatch 115/75#
12 burpees
12 push jerks 115/75#
12 burpees
12 hang squat clean 115/75#
12 burpees
12 OHS 115/75#

Compare to Saturday 121027.

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