Wednesday 121128

Be sure to assess how you are fairing in the squat cycle. The program should not be easy. It should be difficult however, it should not inhibit the intensity of your effort in your other work. If you are finding the work to be too easy or too difficult adjust your “working max” +/-5%.

1) back squat (HB): 1×8 @ 65%, 1×8 @ 70%, 1×6 @ 80%, 1×6 @ 85%, rest 2-4 minutes

2a) 4 x 8 banded one-arm bent-over row (8 each arm), rest 60 seconds
2b) front squat: 1×5 @ 70%, 1×5 @ 75%, 1×5 @ 80%, 1×5 @ 85%, rest 1-2 minutes

Movement Integrity
NOT for time:
3) 30-40 alternating single-leg box jumps @ 20/24″ (15-20 each leg), rest as needed (video)
4) 5 x 20 banded straight arm jabs (10 each arm), rest as needed

Note: For box jumps, you must take off from one leg/foot and you should land on the same leg/foot. You may gain momentum from the opposing leg/foot but that foot should be elevated off the ground in a running action. For the banded straight arm jabs, stand in a boxer stance, right foot back and left foot forward. Attach the band around a fixed object at shoulder height. Hold band with right hand at shoulder height with tension on the band, punch/jab 10 times. Reverse stance for left hand.

3 rounds:
10 weighted toes-to-bar, 8/4# medball
row 200 meters with straight legs
10 rower-facing burpees
row 200 meters with straight arms

Compare to Monday 121126.

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