Tuesday 130423

1) 7 x 1 clean (full squat) + 1 hang clean (below knee/mid-shin) + 1 jerk (power or split), as heavy as possible, rest 2-3 minutes

With a running clock:

On the initial minute, within 7 minutes complete:
50 wall balls @ 20/14# to 10′
30/20 handstand push-ups
10 power cleans @ 225/135#

Note: Repeat above sequence on the 10th and the 20th minutes.

“Penalty”: If any of the 3 sequences were not completed within the prescribed 7 minutes, then on the 30th minute perform the following,

For time:
Remaining power cleans @ 225/135#

2a) 3 x 5 weighted chin-up @ 30X3 tempo, heavy, immediately to,
2b) 3 x 3 (each side) GHD “Torture Twists”, rest as needed.

Note: For “Torture Twists” lean back on GHD to a plank position with your back parallel to the floor. Place your arms across your chest. Rotate your torso to the right and hold the position for 3 seconds, then rotate your torso to the left and hold that position for 3 seconds. Perform 3 total repetitions to each side.

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