I’m Back

Hey you,

I have not really trained in months. Not since before the Open really. Over last summer, I ramped up my training in anticipation HQ might open the Masters division to the 40-44 year old age division and they did. But I over trained and wound up with several overuse injuries.

But after watching the Masters today on the live feed, and seeing what would be my competition at the Games, I’m confident if I’m smart I can compete with those individuals. I just have to be smart about my training, nutrition and my recovery over the training year.

So with that, along with training others to make the Games at Black Star, I’ll be in full training mode to make the Games as well. If you want to follow a program that should prepare an athlete to get through the Open, the Regionals and then on to the Games, follow Black Star or contact me. But I’ll be returning this blog to it’s original purpose – as a journal of my training, diet and recovery. If it helps you on your journey, then we’re both better for it.

I hope you will continue to follow.


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