Sunday 120610

Just an excuse to use my new shoes.


Skill / Midline:

1) 3 x 7 strict toes to bar + 1 ME pullup isometric hold, rest 60 sec.

2a) 3 x 7 snatch grip deadlifts @ 75#, rest 30 sec.
2b) 3 x 7 snatch grip bent over row @ 75#, rest 30 sec.
2c) 3 x 7 snatch grip high pulls @ 75#, rest 30 sec.

This should be at a slow, deliberate, steady pace. Attempt to use the the entire 3 minutes per round.

Move immediately to:


15 minutes to work up to heavy, not maximal, snatch single

Rest 10 minutes


7 rounds (
35 double unders
1 snatch

Must complete successful snatch before moving on to next round. In main site wod, you only got one attempt per round. No misses were counted but I didn’t want the workout to become a missed snatch all double under workout. Score is total load divided by total time in seconds. 10 minute cap.

Rest 3 hours or more

10 x 40 meter sprint w/ 20 meter fly-in, rest as needed.

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