Thursday 120830

4 x 1 Starr Clean Drill @ < 70% of 1RM + 1 jerk at the end of each sequence, rest as needed

Note: The Starr Clean Drill = 1 power clean (pause at top) + 1 front squat, then drop the bar to floor + 1 hang clean (from low position, just above knees, full squat), then drop the bar to floor, + 1 full squat clean.

Within 10 minutes:
“Half Flight Simulator”

Note: Ladder of unbroken double unders in sets of 5, each successive set increasing by 5, up to a set of 35, then back down the ladder to 5. Rest AT LEAST 15 seconds between unbroken sets. Use this to improve on technique: head up, bound from ankles, no donkey or dolphin kick, turn at wrists, not at the elbows, etc.

Choose one unweighted midline exercise and go through the movement with low level intensity.

Treat this as a rest, recovery and skill acquisition week. Do NOT be tempted to do more than the prescribed work. With the exception of a max effort lift on Saturday and the metabolic conditioning on Sunday, all work should be performed at a low to moderate effort.

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