Sunday 120930

Note: Do not perform the back squat portion of this day’s programming. It remains listed here for the sake of record keeping. You should still perform the 3RM front squat.

1) front squat, 20 minutes to 3RM max for the day
2) back squat (HB): 1 x 6 @ 70%, 1 x 6 @ 80%, 1 x 3 @ 90%, 1 x 2 @ 95%, rest 2-3 minutes

Note: Back squat is based on 1RM of HBBS or 90% of 1RM of LBBS.

NOT for time:
5 rounds
1 deadlift @ 80-90%
3 muscle-ups
5 banded bench press @ 50-60% + red/purple band

Note: You may add weight to your deadlift as you go. Begin with 80% of your 1RM but do not exceed 90%. If you do not have muscle ups you must work the progression with a band. For the bench press, you will need to find the resistance band appropriate for you. You should be able to complete all the bench press reps in the complex with some degree of difficuly but NO chance of failure. The resistance of the bands varies by the amount they are streched. According to Iron Wood, the pink band provides 5-35# of resistance and the red bands provide 10-50# resistance. Bench press bar speed should be fast!

Rest AT LEAST 15 minutes

8 minute AMRAP
3 x 1 power snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 1 snatch @ 125/85#
3 wall climbs

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