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F*ck You, “Can’t”

You exist in the subconscious without opposition. It’s but a quick trip to the tongue, where you roll off with ease. And with no real impediment, you penetrate the minds of those within earshot. But the utterance of you is not even necessary. You seep from the pores of those who let you live in them. You hang in the air like a foul stench. A simple waving of the hand in front of our nose doesn’t always rid you. You are resilient. You are very convincing. So much “evidence” proves you right. And before any of us know it, we are a slave to you.

To jump, to run, to improve, to love, to live, to earn, to forgive, to forget, to change. You will convince us none of this is within our grasp. To be intelligent, to recover, to heal, to be strong, to let ourselves cry, to take risk, to be happy, to be extraordinary. You will keep us from a life fulfilled if we allow you.

But the Universe is beautiful and if we listen closely will reveal the truth. You have no power over us. The evidence you have given us is false. At least the evidence we have allowed ourselves to see. But the reality is there are those of us who prove you wrong everyday. Some of them are doing mind boggling things with the same abilities we all have. Some are doing extraordinary things with every “ability” taken away from them. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and the little eternal light that lives within us all, allows us to see the possibilities and not be buried by the doubts. And it is from these sources the rest of us will be inspired to accomplish all it is you’ve convinced us we could not.

So here’s an emphatic double middle finger up to you. You have no power over us. We can. I can.

F*ck you, “Can’t”!

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1 WReid. { 01.26.11 at 8:29 pm }

Go ahead Brotha Wisdom! I loved this. It was pretty good.

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