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“El Capitan”

It’s about six months post when I was asked to lead my gym’s group of misfits in bettering their fitness to heights that are completely unnecessary in the real world. But for some reason, although there is very little conventional reward in being able to lift heavy sh*t and being fast as f*ck, we do it anyway. My band dubbed me “El Capitan”. And I have to say, I like the name. It reminds me of why I accepted the role. It’s simply the selfish desire to help others be better. Yes, selfish. Because it feels damn good to see others achieve goals and knowing you had a small hand in it. So I take my role as coach/leader/El Capitan and this thing we call elite fitness serious as sh*t! I want these guys (and gals) to be the baddest mofos they possibly can.

American Eagle Outfitters Ae El Capitan Baseball Cap

Since then, my reach has expanded a bit beyond our little band of super-ninjas. And I’ve been asked to help others in their pursuit of extreme-ability-to-mess-you-up! (That’s a metaphor for lifting heavy barbells fast and furiously.) I welcome the challenge to help anyone who shares the desire to simply get fast, strong and fit for no real reason other than he or she simply has to do it! She is called to do it. Cats that reel in pain because they miss the feel of steel and chalk in their hands. Or miss the sound of the wind blow by their brow as they cut the air with grace and violent speed. I want the cats that love this like I do on my team. The ones that take this sh*t serious too. I’m down to help anyone get better. Cause I know what it feels like and I want everyone to feel it.

If you are of kindred spirit, feel free to contact me about programming or coaching.

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Training Philosophy In A Tweet


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Yes, Strong Girls Are Beautiful

I filmed this little video a while back. My daughters and I were on a movie date. My oldest was a little upset with me because we were late. You see, the 2011 CrossFit Games were re-running on ESPN and I made her watch. She was a little less than enthused I was delaying our departure just so we could watch people exercise. Ha! I wasn’t surprised by her reaction but I did want to make sure she saw what some of the women of the Games were capable of doing.

We finally made it to the movies. As expected, due to our tardiness, the line was a bit long. So again, my daughter expressed her displeasure with me. She also expressed the fact that she didn’t understand why I thought the ladies were so great. She said, “They have too many muscles anyway.”

Wait? What??? I told her she had to be kidding. I said, those women are beautiful. And, I told her, they have just the right amount of muscles. I also asked wouldn’t she rather be strong than not? I was actually surprised when she said she wasn’t sure. With that, I’m asking the women of CrossFit and the fitness world to help me convince my daughters that it is ok to be strong. My oldest is in middle school and at a vulnerable age where boys notice her and she cares about how she smells. Ha! But I don’t want that to turn into devaluing or limiting all the things she can be in life to fit a mold that may not be meant for her. Isn’t that the worst thing a young girl can allow herself to do? Diminish her own possibilities?

So again, I’m asking the fit ladies out there to leave a comment for my daughters. Let them know why strong is also beautiful.

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Share Some Sweet


An apple a day to keep the happy to stay

Make someone’s day by doing something small and sweet. I know this doesn’t go for everyone but for me the little things mean a lot. Something as seemingly little as leaving a healthy snack out with a little note attached can remind someone their are loved and thought of. Can you argue this?

Of course, there are those gestures, the big ones that can say a lot as well. The trips to St. Tropez or the shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus. Who wouldn’t appreciate those things. But I know I’m just a sucker for the occassional call or text just to say good morning. The surprise Chuck Taylor sneakers left for you at the gym. Or the seasonal sweet potato pie baked with you in mind. It’s the small gestures for me that seem to have a deeper and more lasting effect. I assume there are others that feel the same way.

So I say, share some sweet as much as you can. Do something nice for someone just because they exist in your life. And likely if they’re in your life, they’re bringing something positive even if it’s not always apparent. Shout them out. Give them a hug. Treat them to coffee. Buy flowers. They smell good and they’re pretty. Treat someone to a full tank of gas. Root someone on in some challenge they are undertaking. It feels good to give and to get the little things. So share.

111026: Wednesday
Skill/Strength: 8 rounds, 2 snatch complexes @ 135#, 4 hand stand push ups, 6 burpees (1 snatch complex = 1 snatch grip deadlift, 1 power snatch, 1 squat snatch).

111025: Tuesday
Metcon (am): 150 double unders, then 21-15-9, chest-to-bar pullups, ring push ups, then 150 double unders. Metcon (pm): row 500 meters, rest 10 minutes then, 21-15-9, overhead squats @ 115#, toes-to-bar.

111024: Monday
: Press 3×10. Metcon: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of Deadlift @ 225#, Box Jump @ 24″.

111023: Sunday
Metcon (am): “Fran”, 21-15-9 of Thruster @ 95#, Pullups. Strength (pm): Resting 60 seconds between sets: Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

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Ropes Are Dope

The ropes at Guerrilla Fitness

All the cool kids are doing it so I figured I’d join in on the fun.

Today’s wod:

Front squat at 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2

4 rounds
3 rope climbs, 15′
15 static lunges @ 95#

Strength: 255/255/275/275/305/305(1)
Metcon: 6:30

I haven’t done any sort of strength based squat in a while. So this felt good. But it’s clear I need to build my strength back up in this area. I think a strong squat is essential in Crossfit as well as life.

I failed my last rep and I could feel my knees buckle in a little. My coach pointed out that little flaw to me. So next time I’ll bring my feet in a little and hopefully that will help me out with my knees.

The lunges in the metcon were a challenge especially after the squats. But I’ve worked hard on my footwork with rope climbs and feel comfortable with the movement now. It used to be I could only climb the rope using all arms. It goes to show you a little perseverance goes a long way.

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October 17, 2011   No Comments

Bacon v. Bagels… Both Please

breakfast of champions… sort of.

Just a thought. But the dude with the XXL one-pack, ordering the plain egg white omelette and raisin bran muffin, might think twice about telling the dude with the six-pack that bacon is unhealthy. I’m just saying.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to look a certain way or possess a certain something to know what you’re talking about. Not at all. [Digression: The one-time Miami Dolphins kicking coach, never actually kicked a ball because he was bound to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. His kickers were All-Pros.] What I’m saying is you have to know what you’re talking about, to know what you’re talking about. Too often, folks are ready to go off half-cocked and shout advice or declare a position having done no reading or research from credible sources. Or even for one second carefully mulled over the information in front of them. Information floats in the air, penetrates their ears, gets passed around like one of those funny hand-rolled cigarattes and it becomes “common knowledge”. Eventually, everyone knows you’re not supposed to do this or that, or that thing over there causes cancer or take this and you’ll get all the girls. Whatever, man.

In my humble opinion, if you’re going to share your info, at least have tested it in the world or on yourself. Has the maple syrup and lemon juice diet helped you get a body like Jessica Biel? If it hasn’t, and you thought or were told it would, you have to question the diet. Did flipping single family homes make you yacht, private plane and trips to the French Riviera rich? Or did it leave you with a negative net worth? Either way, do your research. Experiment. Before you share.

The ironic thing is had my friend in line been a Paleo Pusher, he would have attacked my meal from the butter-loaded bagel angle. He would have told me that Paleolithic man would never eat bread and we are not built to do so. He would have said, bagels (wheat, gluten, et. al.) are a slow death and butter only hastens the inevitability. If I was in the mood, which I wasn’t with the bacon dude this morning, I might have asked Mr. P. Pusher, “Are you sure Paleo man never never EVER ate bread? Are you sure? I mean do we even know what Paleo man was let alone what he ate? Is butter really all that bad for you?”

Hopefully, Mr. P. Pusher would have based his viewpoint on something he read and experimented with instead of hearing it from the guy who heard it from the guy at some other guy’s son’s bar mitzvah. Hopefully too he’d be open to an opposing point of view and open to testing his presently held belief. Had the bacon dude asked he would have learned, I’ve been through the internal bacon battle and back. I’ve done the research and the experimentation on myself. I have eaten it and not. Praised it and scorned it. And after the long drawn tug of war, what I’ve concluded is, life is just better with bacon!

Now, my battle is with bagels (grains, wheat, whatever…). Butter-loaded bagels. With mounting evidence against continuing my relationship with my beloved, I have to consider the possibility she is no good for me. But, I will not just except what the dude, who knows the dude, who knows the bar mitzvah dude says. I’m doing the research and the experimentation before I make any judgment or completely break it off. Until such time, if it ever comes, we will go on the occassional date.

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July 8, 2011   2 Comments