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Share Some Sweet


An apple a day to keep the happy to stay

Make someone’s day by doing something small and sweet. I know this doesn’t go for everyone but for me the little things mean a lot. Something as seemingly little as leaving a healthy snack out with a little note attached can remind someone their are loved and thought of. Can you argue this?

Of course, there are those gestures, the big ones that can say a lot as well. The trips to St. Tropez or the shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus. Who wouldn’t appreciate those things. But I know I’m just a sucker for the occassional call or text just to say good morning. The surprise Chuck Taylor sneakers left for you at the gym. Or the seasonal sweet potato pie baked with you in mind. It’s the small gestures for me that seem to have a deeper and more lasting effect. I assume there are others that feel the same way.

So I say, share some sweet as much as you can. Do something nice for someone just because they exist in your life. And likely if they’re in your life, they’re bringing something positive even if it’s not always apparent. Shout them out. Give them a hug. Treat them to coffee. Buy flowers. They smell good and they’re pretty. Treat someone to a full tank of gas. Root someone on in some challenge they are undertaking. It feels good to give and to get the little things. So share.

111026: Wednesday
Skill/Strength: 8 rounds, 2 snatch complexes @ 135#, 4 hand stand push ups, 6 burpees (1 snatch complex = 1 snatch grip deadlift, 1 power snatch, 1 squat snatch).

111025: Tuesday
Metcon (am): 150 double unders, then 21-15-9, chest-to-bar pullups, ring push ups, then 150 double unders. Metcon (pm): row 500 meters, rest 10 minutes then, 21-15-9, overhead squats @ 115#, toes-to-bar.

111024: Monday
: Press 3×10. Metcon: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of Deadlift @ 225#, Box Jump @ 24″.

111023: Sunday
Metcon (am): “Fran”, 21-15-9 of Thruster @ 95#, Pullups. Strength (pm): Resting 60 seconds between sets: Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

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Flowers Don’t Know The Rules

source: Flickr by aftab
Source: Flickr by aftab

Hey babies,

I just had a thought about something. I wanted to share it with you today. You may not understand it now but I want you to remember it. It might make more sense when you get older. It’s about rules. I know you guys don’t like rules for the most part. But rules are very important to us all. For instance, it’s a rule that you should look both ways before you cross the street. That’s a very good rule and one you should always follow.

Here is what you should know about rules. [Read more →]

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