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…And I Hope They Burn In Hell!

A Time to Kill
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The last time I wrote about movie fathers some of you responded with your opinions about who you thought should make the list. I have to say, great minds think a lot alike. A couple of you tagged some fathers that were on my top ten. So you know I just had to go back to the drawing board to see if I could shake things up with the list a little. After some thought it mostly remained the same. Some of these movies fathers had to make the list. There is no question about it. But I did through a few twists in there.

The last time we had, 10. John Quincy in John Q, 9. Bryan Mills in Taken, 8. Cleo McDowell in Coming to America, and 7. Furious Styles in Boyz in The Hood. This time around I’m going to give you two for one. I kind of wanted to finish my theme of intense, in your face, “break my foot off in your a – -” type fathers before I move on to the others. So here we go.

6 (tie). Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel Jackson), A Time to Kill and…

Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson)


Oh, have you ever heard anyone say, you don’t mess with a man’s daughter? Well, you don’t. Trust me you don’t. If you do, one day you might come across someone like Carl Lee Hailey. Based on a John Grisham novel, in A Time to Kill (also suggested by E.Payne), Hailey was just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. He kept his head low, tithed at church, went to work everyday and loved his family. That’s how he rolled.

But then someone had to go and violate his child. (Let me calm down a bit. I’m getting hyped. Breathe… Wheeeew… Ok, I’m back.) Haily exacted some harsh revenge on the perpetrators, attempting to kill each one while they were on they way to jail. At that moment in the movie, I don’t care how peace-and-monkey-grease you are, you’re rooting for Hailey. Again, I’m not condoning violence or revenge or anything like that. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t feeling Hailey in that split second of vengeful insanity. In fact, there was one dramatic scence that summed it all up when D.A. Rufus Buckley (Kevin Spacey) asked Hailey if 10 years was an adequate sentence for the perpetrators:

D.A. Rufus Buckley: Well what do you think should happen? What would be a fair sentence?
Jake Tyler Brigance (Matthew McConaughey): Objection!
Buckley: Do you think they should deserve to die?
Brigance: Don’t answer that Carl Lee!
Buckley: Do you think they should deserve to die!?
Carl Lee Hailey: Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!

6 (tie). Deputy Dwayne Looney, (Chris Cooper), A Time to Kill

Deputy Looney (Chris Cooper)


But I have to say that that wasn’t my favorite scene in the movie. Nor was Hailey my favorite character in the movie. My favorite character was Deputy Looney, Hailey’s friend who had been incidentally wounded by Hailey when Hailey shot down the men who violated his daughter. Looney lost the use of his leg and was bound to desk duty. In an earlier scene, when Hailey tried to apologize to Looney, it was made clear that Looney was angered and imbittered by his situation. What’s interesting is you never see Looney as a parent in the movie. So why did he make this list you ask? Because in one short scene he showed How-You’re-S’posed-To-Roll! as both a father and a friend. At the urging of Hailey, Brigance (Hailey’s attorney) put Looney on the stand.

Jake Tyler Brigance: Deputy Looney, do you think Carl Lee shooting you was intentional?
Deputy Dwayne Powell Looney: No sir. It was an accident.
Hailey: Ask him!
Brigance: Do you think he should be punished for shooting you?
Looney: No, sir. I hold no ill will toward the man. He did what I would have done.
Brigance: What do you mean by that?
Looney: I mean, I don’t blame him for what he did. Those boys raped his little girl.
D.A. Rufus Buckley: Objection, your Honor! The witness’s opinion on this matter is irrelevant.
Brigance: Your Honor, I belive Deputy Looney has earned the right to speak here today.
Judge Omar Noose: Overruled. Continue.
Brigance: Go ahead, Dwayne.
Looney: I got a little girl. Somebody rapes her, he’s a dead dog. I’ll blow him away just like Carl Lee did.
Buckley: Objection your Honor!
Brigance: Do you think the jury should convict Carl Lee Hailey?
Noose: Don’t answer that question.
Looney: He’s a hero. You turn him loose.
Noose: The jury will disregard…
Looney: Turn him loose!

Now that’s how you’re s’posed to roll!! If you ever want to know how to have someone’s back, take a lesson from Deputy Looney. (Again? Man, my hair is standing up on the back of my neck. I’m getting hyped just thinking about this scene. Take it down a notch, Ben. Jeez. This is definitely the next Netflix.)

Again, I’m not condoning violence but what would you do if your child was hurt like this? What would you want to do? Leave a comment.

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1 Janet { 03.02.09 at 6:08 pm }

That is way too serious of a topic

2 Saadiq { 03.02.09 at 6:10 pm }

Nothing within the realm of the law.

3 marvin { 03.02.09 at 7:06 pm }

i don`t wanna ruin my alibi in the event i ever have to right a wrong but some form of justice will be served up. I PROMISE YOU!

4 Eddie { 03.02.09 at 7:36 pm }

To quote Biggie, “There’s gonna be a lotta slow singin’ and flower bringin’…”

5 Mr. Man { 03.02.09 at 10:38 pm }

Gotta agree with Marvin. I can’t get into specifics, but I’d have to show them how I roll. Children are our God-given gifts. Our job is to protect them. Someone would pay for taking away my ability to do that.

6 christian { 03.03.09 at 3:05 pm }

I would black out on the MF that harmed my child. Whew … not my heart (my little girl or boy). Damn I’m getting amped just thinking about that junk. Sorry folks … I’m taking it back to “da streets” as the young folks say. Just arrest me now … cuz my uzi weighs a ton.

7 Ben { 12.10.09 at 7:33 am }

@Chris: I feel you son!

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