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I’ve recently been reading alot about the intagible force some of us posses to be able to push through adversity when it presents itself. Thing One displayed the force during her 9th birthday party. She was sick as a dog and literally wanted to cancel her own birthday party. But she pulled through not to disappoint all the folks who were “depending” on her to be happy about her birthday.

Thing One: Birthday Trooper

Thing One: Birthday Trooper

After witnessing her valiant effort, I thought to myself, man I want to be like Thing One when I grow up. She has the wherewithal to ignore her own discomfort for the sake of others’ comfort. I don’t know where she picked that up from but isn’t it a neat trait. Trooper!

Next time around I hope she feels better. Or at least doesn’t feel like she’ll be disappointing others if she happens to allow herself to be sick. What a great kid.

[Interesting side note: I told her I bought her two books today. She was so appreciative she said she would pay me back the $14 in installments. I told her there was no need for payback. What a great kid!]

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1 Maria { 07.13.09 at 11:57 am }

That’s funny! She said the same thing to me when I had given her her birthday gift. Independent woman on the rise!

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