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Thankful For Cell Phone Cameras

The Babies after school

The Babies after school

I have had the same cell phone for probably 7 years or so. A Palm Treo 650. In fact, I had two. When the first starting bugging out and the keys on the keyboard kept sticking, I just went to eBay and bought the next one.  It did it’s job for me. I could text, make calls, set my calendar, search the internet and perform a few other key functions. There hasn’t been a need to update the phone until recently.

The phone finally died. Multiple drops will bring any cell phone to it’s knees. I reluctantly picked up a new phone from my local AT&T wireless dealer. Honestly, I never really see the need to pick up the latest in technology since it always seems five minutes later something newer and better and faster and cheaper comes out. At least in this case, I had no real choice. Fortunately, I was able to get a well regarded/reviewed phone for free after rebate – the Nokia E71x.

My initial reaction was, “I hate this thing!” It just isn’t as intuitive as the Palm. But I said, hey I will get used to it. I can’t beat the price. The alternative (Blackberry Bold) was $150 after rebate. Free is better. All that said, I’m in love with the phone now. Well love is kind of strong. I really like the phone. Of course this is in comparison to a relative tech dinosaur, but hey. What won me over was the photos it takes. The above caption of the babies was taken with the Nokia. Ironically, the photo capability was the one knock against the phone. They must have improved it since it’s debut. I couldn’t be more satisfied (actually maybe I could but I’m not that picky).

Given the season, I’m a little more introspective than at other times of the year. I tend to think about the little things. After taking this pic of the babies I just contemplated, “Wow, ain’t technology cool.” I can just snap a candid moment at any time and then share it with my family, or friends, or their mom or anyone interested in my latest tweet. Although it seems like a little thing, I hope to keep some of these shots in safekeeping so when the babies get older they’ll remember moments, fun moments we/they had while growing up. My new Nokia will certainly help in that regard.

So, of the many things I’m thankful for in my life (and I’ll be reciting them before dinner tomorrow) I’m thankful for cell phone cameras. If you’re reading this, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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1 W.Reid { 12.23.09 at 7:41 pm }

thanks for the reccomendation but does this thing IM?

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