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The Perfect Holiday Gift For The Single Dad

The gift giving season is upon us and if you’re like me this time of year gives you as much anxiety as it does joy. For me at least, there is some guilt associated with taking gifts from my loved ones when all I really want is to spend some QT with them. For me, I’d rather have their time than some token. I feel like their time is worth so much more. Then there’s the other side of the coin. Finding that perfect gift for those I love so dearly. The process can be an extremely stressful situation. Most of that stress, at least for me, is wrapped up in notion that whatever gift I give, it can never represent what I truly feel for the receiver. But I cannot help it. I want the receiver to feel I care deeply and if I could I would wrap that in a pretty box and put a bow on it.

There’s a simple solution to all this holiday stress. Just tell me what you want! Kids have no problem writing or telling their wish list. So why can’t we adults do the same? And don’t say, “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything” or “Whatever you get is fine”. Can you spell bull-ish? Remember the Hide-Your- House-Key-In-A-Rock I got for you or the Never Ending Candle Bowl? You hated those gifts. So just tell me what you want and it will make both our lives simpler. I know there’s only a few days left ’til the big day, but there’s still time.

Even though I stress out about getting my peeps gifts, I don’t stress about what I will get. I could not possibly care less. If I see everyone around me smiling and happy and stuffed from sweet potato pie, then I’m happy. I get things you can’t put a value on, every day. (Sometimes I forget but I eventually remember. Thanks fam.) So when I say, “You don’t have to get me anything” or “Whatever you get me is fine”, I really truly mean it. You’ve already given me so much. Like many of the single dads I talk to, we have an appreciation for the little things and just want those things to remain intact. Being with our family is the perfect gift.

But… (did you see it coming?)

We single dads are a caring lot and know you might be stressing out about getting us a gift, despite our most convincing arguments we have all we want. So, I’ve decided to put together a short list of items that ANY single dad would want. Rest assured, most of us would be more than happy to get one just of these items and not necessarily on the big day. So feel free, family and friends, to pool your resources and buy his gift after the big day when everything is properly priced at deep discounts. The single dad in your life will feel less guilty accepting his gift. To the list:

1. Olympic weightlifting shoes or…

Nike Romaleo
source: Rogue Fitness

There is no way any self-respecting father wouldn’t appreciate the proper footwear designed to assist him in lifting heavy items. Sure, he can get by doing that stuff barefoot or in his old sneaks from college, but I’m sure he would appreciate the hard soled support Olympic weightlifting shoes provide. And given is low-key nature, he isn’t too particular about which kind you get him, he’d be appreciative in any circumstance but man those Nike Romaleos look mighty fine.

2. a Stud-Bar or…

The Stud Bar
source: CapnRat

A pullup up bar would be awesome. One designed to work with 8 foot cielings would be ideal. One which allows kipping would be super ideal. Most single dads, even with an insane amount of assistance from his family, have very little spare time. And getting to the gym to work on those kid carrying shoulders is difficult given his time restrictions. What better way for him to keep his youthful figure than the single most effective (and cost effective) workout tool in existence. Trust me, he will love the thing. And so will his girls, um, I mean his kids. They’ll get a kick out of saying how buff their dear ‘ole dad is.

3. an Amazon Kindle or…

The Kindle
source: humedini

Most single dads I know are avid readers with a full library of books on every topic known to man. Most single dads I know are also gadget hounds. What better device to give him than the Amazon Kindle book reader. No longer will he have to drag around shopping bags full of books just “in case” he would like to read something on the fly. These e-readers fit right into most large coat pockets. Although he’ll miss the comfort holding a book in his hands gives him, he’ll get over it quickly.

4. a digital camera or…
Remember, dads like gadgets. So why not? How else is he going to capture those precious moments with the kids.

5. a garage door or…
Sometimes, the old one just needs replacing. Craigslist has a few used.

6. three months worth of maid services.

source: cybertoad

The single dad has a lot on his plate. He has the kids, he has the job or two, he has to keep in shape and tend to his, meager though it may be, social life and maybe his club or charity duties. The one thing which will fall by the wayside is tending to the old homestead. Laundry piles up, dishes pile up, squirrels move into the belfry, and his house just needs a scrubbing. Let’s face it. He isn’t the neatest guy to begin with amplifying the problem. He gets behind on the chores and this winds up being the kiss of death. He can never get ahead of the game. What better gift to give the guy in this situation but some much needed help. A small crew of cleaning dynamos to set him on track so perhaps he can catch up a little. And he wouldn’t need much help. Just a few visits will set him straight.

Like I said, anything from this list would warm the cockles of ANY single dad. Especially if the items were purchased during the blowout sales after the big day. (Remember his guilt.) However, no list of items, no matter how exhaustive, can replace the feeling the single dad has when spending time with his children and family. So feel free to give him exactly what he wants – the perfect holiday gift.

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1 WReid. { 12.24.10 at 10:05 am }

This was really good Bakaar.
I enjoyed it. I wish you would post more often. The maid services was a pretty good idea. Single Moms need it too!

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