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Change Your Benchmark

I am baffled why you put yourself through this. I do not know why you insist on putting yourself through the mental torture. Why is it even a part of your life? It never tells you exactly what you want to hear. And it’s likely you’ve answered for yourself before you even ask it the dreaded question.

The Liar
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Am I fat?

You don’t know it but what a ridiculous question. And the only reason you’re asking is because you think you are fat. No matter what number pops up on that scale, it will not convince you otherwise. Whether the number that pops up is “high” or “low”, you will see the phrase “big fat fatty”. But don’t confuse this for chatizing. I don’t blame you for asking a silly question. I don’t even blame you for your self-defeating self-perception. You been conditioned.

Throughout your life, you’ve been sent subliminal and overt messages by a plethara of sources; movies, magazines, your girlfriends, your mother, your rabbi, your coach and I’m sure many other well meaning but ignorant folk. Their message to you has been you should be obsessed with your weight. These messages even go as far as to have you believe your self-worth is inversely correlated to the number that shows up on the scale. The smaller the number on the scale the better the person you are. But let me let you in on a little secret. The number on that scale, no matter what it says, is a crock of shit! And the question, “Am I fat?”, that prompts you to step on to such an abominable device in the first place is a bigger crock of shit.


You’re asking the wrong damn question. Change your benchmark. Your self worth is not, should not, and was never related to you’re weight. Here’s a better question and one more likely in line with your core values. Ask  yourself,

Am I fit?

Weight, in and of itself, is a useless benchmark. However, whether or not you are fit says something about the quality you can extract from your life and the work you have put into it. Are you fit? Perhaps a harder question to answer but a more telling one. Can you walk several flights of stairs without breathing heavy? Can you carry your groceries in one trip from the car instead of two? Can you play with your children for more than five minutes at a time? Can you sleep more than six hours straight? Or make love more than six minutes straight?

Better yet. Raise your benchmark. Do not settle for measuring yourself by physical standards. Those are easy to achieve. Yes, consistently eat meat and veggies and exercise three times a week  and you will get fit. It’s easy. What’s hard is being, with consistency, the kind of person The Universe demands you to be. Instead of asking yourself, “Am I fat?” or even “Am I fit?”, ask yourself things like am I a person of integrity? Am I a person who is worthy of trust? Am I a person who is generous beyond reason? Am I a person who can forgive when wronged and ask for forgivness when I have wronged someone? Am I a person who works through adversity? Am I a person who loves my fellow humans?

Forget the scale that simply measure the weight of your body. It’s meaningless. Instead, get on that internal scale that measures the weight of your life and the contribution  your making to others’.

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